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                                      UPCOMING SHOWS 2024





Monday, September 25, 2023

                  UPCOMING SHOWS SEP/OCT.2023

Cinci OH.-the NEST 9/29th

At B-Sides. 9/30
Our scummy homestown we love Detroit
at UFO Factory 10/7


Saturday, February 4, 2023


 New Album out Spring 2023
 Tour April/May 2023

Lone Lizard'cover art by-Timmy

 Element 115 is a mysterious, superheavy element that has 115 protons in its nucleus. It is said in the UFO community to be the power source for dimension bending alien spacecraft. It is also found in the tone of Timmy Vulgar’s gravity defying riffs. To describe Timmy’s Organism as heavy, is as fundamental in concept to our human existence as the drone of blood pumping in beat to our hearts. Guitarist & singer Vulgar, bassist Jeff “Giant’ Fournier, and Scott Dunk on drums, plug into a tradition as hallowed as Ron Asheton’s fuzz pedal on The Stooges's first album or Lemmy’s low end hypnosis on Hawkwind's Doremi. But Timmy’s Organism is more. They are their own thing. The new LP Lone Lizard is as confounding, twisted, solid, and heavily out-of-this-world as any sonic offering in the last 300 years . . . as if all the previous Organism records, and those of Vulgar’s past groups Clone Defects, Human Eye, and Epileptix never existed… or have always existed. Timeless is the rhythm. The musicianship and sense of arrangement on Lone Lizard is jazz-esque in its double-commitment to loose precision. Lyrically, the record ranges from "Peyote Moments" surreal truths: "Like the ancient ways of the secyalapoid . . . bring me back to the desert where the serpents lie in the sun. Telling their fibs into my ears, I will not hear!" to the naked-to-the-bone vulnerability of "Tracy Trouble": "My heart melting continues, I just wanted a sober kiss. Like our young love days! But the dealer stole you away! . . . You chased the dragon to the stars, please come back into my arms." Few bands have a discography that includes labels Sacred Bones, In the Red, Third Man Records, Goner, Hozac, and Total Punk. Pick up your headphones, plug into the jack, press play, and let this dimension’s premier and only acid punk space glam power trio make you feel like the first time over and again. 

-Chet Weise 



Thu 4/6  - Detroit- Smalls

Selected Publicity-

 “A DISGUSTING MESS. A horrific clanging. Ugly, ugly music made by hideous goblins from the most disgusting basements of Detroit”.: Brace Belden. THARSHER Magazine

“Timmy’s Organism are the kind of band I want to party with.” “They ooze glorious, sweaty sleaze and it’s not hard to picture them hanging from the rafters while beer cans careen through the air.” “These are songs made for pumping fists and chugging cheap liquor while tripping on acid.”-( “Heartless Heathen” album review. rated-10 out of 10 stars.

Neil Ferguson-Glide Magazine

 “Detroit underground king Timmy Vulgar has more projects than he can count on one hand, but arguably the best is his garage-punk band Timmy’s Organism. “Guzzle Gasoline,” the opening track from new album Survival of the Fiendish, kicks off its journey through the wasteland with an actual revving engine. From there, Vulgar half-howls, half-gargles intense lyrics about—what else—the road.” The 10 Best Garage Punk Songs As of Late. Evan Minsker -Pitchfork


 “Vulgar truly is the Charles Bukowski of rock n’ roll. The future looms brightly for music’s current gutter poet, whose music champions the underrepresented. For him, it is rock’s definitive purpose.” 

Stephan Wyatt-Slug Magazine



YouTube Channel-

Includes latest videos

Kresge Artist Fellow


Selected Time Machine videos-

‘’Heartless Heathen”-

“Back in the Dungeon”-

HUMAN EYE-“Gettin’ Mean”

New videos out 2023.


TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Squeeze the Giant 2xEP Sacred Bones Rec. 2009

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Im on a hunt. EP 2009

TIMMY’S ORGANISM- Nice guy now. EP Cass Rec.2010

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Can and Bottle Return Smile. Bat Shit Rec. 2010

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Scum Revolution. Hozac Rec. 2010

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Flyin’ Carpet Love Affair. Goodbye Boozie Rec. 2010

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Rise of the Green Gorilla. Sacred Bones Rec. 2010

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Mind Over Matter. EP. GONER Rec. 2011

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Tartismo Summit vol.2 -2011

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Raw Sewage Roq LP. In The Red Rec. 2012

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Singles Collection and Unreleased tracks 2xLP Hozac Rec.2014

TIMMY VULGAR-Genetic Armageddon LP American Tapes 2014

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Wild Humanoid. EP. Urinal Cake Rec. 2015

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Get up, get out. EP. Thirdman Rec. 2015

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Heartless Heathen LP. Thirdman rec. 2015

TIMMY VULGAR-Drunk with Friends EP. 2016

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Revolution Eyes EP. DMT Rec. 2017

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Lick up your town EP. Total Punk rec. 2017

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Eating Colors LP. DMT and Screamers Rec. 2017

TIMMY’S ORGANISM-Survival Of the fiendish-LP Burger Rec. 2018

TIMMY VULGAR’S Genetic Armageddon-Music From the other side of the swamp LP Mind Meld Rec. 2019

UPCOMING ALBUM-Timmy’s Organism-Lone Lizard out 2023

Discography of other works-

The Epileptix-Kill yourself. Casette 1997

The Epileptix-Self hate, EP. Rebel Rumble Fish Rec.97’

The Epileptix-Disco Slut EP. GMM Rec.97’

The Epileptix-Losing Streak EP. 97’

The Epileptix-Greatest Fits LP. Tom Perkins Rec. 99’

CLONE DEFECTS-Bottled Woman EP Tom Perkins Rec.99’

CLONE DEFECTS-Scissors Chop EP Italy Rec.99’

CLONE DEFECTS-Lizard Boy Italy/Superior rec. EP 2000’


CLONE DEFECTS-Blood on Jupiter LP-Tom Perkins/Superior Sounds 2001

CLONE DEFECTS-Shapes of Venus EP In the Red rec.-2003

CLONE DEFECTS-Shapes of Venus LP-In the Red rec.2003

HUMAN EYE-Human Eye LP-In the Red Rec.2005

HUMAN EYE-Dinosaur Bones. EP Ypsilanti Rec.-2007

HUMAN EYE-Spiders and their Kin. EP Cass Rec.-2007

HUMAN EYE-Rare Little Creature. EP-2007

REPTILE FORCEFIELD-Time Machine Demos-CD-2007

HUMAN EYE-Fragments of the Universe Nurse. LP-2008

HUMAN EYE-Martian Queen-EP-Scion Rec 2010

HUMAN EYE-They Came From the Sky. LP. Sacred Bones Rec. 2011

HUMAN EYE-Live at Thirdman Rec. LP. Thirdman Rec. 2012

HUMAN EYE-4: Into Unknown. LP. GONER 2013

Friday, September 10, 2021

                          UPCOMING SHOWS 2021/22

9/20 Detroit mi.-El Club-TIMMY'S ORGANISM w OHSEES

9/23 Memphis TN.-Goner Fest-HUMAN EYE


2/11 Chicago IL. Empty Bottle-TIMMY'S ORGANISM w the SPITS

2/12 Columbus OH. Rumba Cafe-TIMMY'S ORGANISM w the SPITS

2/13 Cleveland OH. Grog Shop-TIMMY'S ORGANISM w the SPITS


8/19 MoonCamp Fest Fest Link-TIMMY'S ORGANISM- plus more!

8/26 Detroit Mi. P.J.'s Lager House TIMMY'S ORGANISM CHEETAHS

9/10 Cleveland Oh. Happy Dog TIMMY'S ORGANISM w BROOD X

9/16 Detroit Mi. Outer Limits HUMAN EYE w Nai and Jimbo

10/08 Detroit Mi.Outer Limits TIMMY'S ORGANISM- Echo Fest 





Sunday, November 29, 2020

                       All new Timmy's Organism T.V.!! 
       a variety of videos from my 
  bands and solo work etc.
            Brand new video premieres Nov.30th


                                                         TIMMY'S ORGANISM T.V.

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Friday, September 21, 2018



HUMAN EYE-Live summer 2020 in Detroit.
                         "Timmy's Organism-"Eating Colors"
                   "BACK IN THE DUNGEON"
                     "HEARTLESS HEATHEN"
TIMMY'S ORGANISM-"Building the Friend-Ship"
TIMMY'S ORGANISM-"Impregnate the Martian Queen"

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